Post-Surgery Update

I got jaw surgery on July 12th, and today is July 15th. So, it is three days post jaw surgery (I’m not counting the day of the surgery.) 

I’m writing this post on my iPad, so I apologize if this isn’t as cleanly written as some of my other posts. 
First things first, the surgery went extremely well! My surgeon came and checked on me the day after surgery and was extremely pleased with how it was looking. I don’t go see him until July 20th, so I still have five more days! I’m super curious to see what he has to say about everything. 

I had my Mom call the surgeon this afternoon because I was able to see my front teeth. This freaked me out because I was worried something had moved or that the surgery hadn’t been done properly. The phone call relieved my fears, though! My surgeon said that it’s because my front jaw has never been this far forward, so it’s just me seeing something that I’m not used to. 
This is me much earlier today! My face is pretty swollen, but I would say it’s not too bad! Of course, my Mom has been absolutely relentless in me wearing ice packs. Also, that towel I’ve got tucked in my shirt? That’s my drool towel! I can’t feel the lower half of my face and I’ve been drooling a lot, so I wear a little dish towel to keep myself from being too icky. 
These past few days following surgery have been rough. I’ve taken a nap(s) every day that I’ve been home. I’ve needed help with EVERYTHING: eating, drinking, filling my syringes to drink, showering, getting dressed. My bubble of independence has been thoroughly shattered. However, I’m beyond thankful for the strong support system of my parents. They try their hardest to understand my garbled language, they’ve been patient while helping me, and they’ve kept me on a regular schedule of medicines and ice. I honestly could not be doing this without them. 

Happy progress notes: 

  • I used a spoon today! I’m really struggling with using a straw, but I’ve noticed my mouth opens quite a bit. I had a lot of success using a spoon to dump the milkshake I was eating into my mouth. 🙂 I had to use a mirror to make sure I didn’t dump it all over myself, but it’s something! 
  • I haven’t noticed any bruising, so that is really nice! 
  • The pain isn’t too bad! I haven’t had any pain medications, aside from the very first day after surgery. 
  • I showered by myself today! My Mom had to help me wash my face, but I’m so happy to be taking private showers again. 

Sad things: 

  • I really miss chewing. 😦 I’ve been craving a bacon cheeseburger since I woke up from surgery, and I know I have a long wait ahead before I get one. I’m doing okay with not being hungry, but I’m “eating” every hour or so. I just miss normal food. 
  • My face is TIGHT. It feels like someone has stretched my skin to it’s max limit. 
  • I can talk, but I’m pretty difficult to understand. Luckily, my Mom and I know limited sign language so that’s helped some! However, it has been really frustrating not being understood when I talk… 
  • Attempting to talk wears me out. I feel like it’s good for me to be working my face muscles and getting them used to the new lay of things, but it makes my mouth tired and causes some pain

That’s how things have been going so far! I’ll try to remember to post updates regularly now that I’m moving a long a bit better. 


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