Five Weeks Post-Op

Honestly, I cannot believe that it’s been five weeks since I got my jaw surgery. I feel like it’s been so much longer than that! I apologize for not posting very much, I just haven’t really had a lot to say.
I finally got my splint out, so I have officially moved back into the world of orthodontics. For those of you getting a splint with jaw surgery, the day it is removed will be a glorious day! I talked with a very strong lisp while my splint was in, and trying to talk once it was removed was a little amusing. I was still talking like I had the splint in my mouth. It took a couple of hours for me to adjust to the feel of my new jaw and talking without the splint.
I’m allowed to eat just about anything I want now, but I’m still supposed to avoid crunchy foods. However, just because I’m allowed to eat things, doesn’t mean that I’m ABLE to eat them. I try to challenge myself to eat something that requires a little more chewing each day, because I know I won’t adjust otherwise. I am essentially re-learning how to eat, and it is extremely weird and most definitely a challenge.
Most of my numbness is gone, although I don’t have normal feeling in the area around my nose or on my chin. However, I can feel enough that it isn’t debilitating in any way.

I have to admit, getting the splint out, I expected to feel more like myself again. However, I feel very far away from myself. I’m a music major at college and I also love to work out. I can’t play my primary instrument, violin, because it hurts resting my chin. I also can’t sing very well because I can’t open my mouth very wide, and since I’m not quite used to the position of my new jaw, then forming certain words is still a bit of a challenge. Not being able to perform musically to my full potential has been extremely frustrating. Music is another appendage for me. Not being able to fully participate really puts a downer on things. The other thing that makes me feel far away from myself is that I can’t work out. I’m still only allowed to walk or ride a bike. I’m not allowed to lift weights, run, or swim, which are three of my favorite physical activities. All of this has left me feeling a little lost, but I’m trying to focus on the fact that it won’t last forever and I will eventually be back to myself again.

For those of you who read this blog, I am happy to answer any questions you may have. If you just need someone to talk to who understands, I am happy to help in that way as well.

Hang in there, lovely readers. I am doing my best to do the same.



As of today, I am five weeks and two days post-op!